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25 Mar 2017 Austin, TX Blanton Museum of Art Blanton Museum of Art free


Sometimes you want to lose yourself in music that sounds alluringly warm, impeccably played, and irresistibly moves the booty. KP and the Boom Boom’s full-length debut The Brave was polished to shine like an enchanted trip in a cool, slick ride. Crafting a musical odyssey of love and magic, KP and the Boom Boom has delivered an epic next-generation neo-soul album of universal sound seduction and astute social commentary.

Fronted by dynamic, UK-born lead siren Kate Priestley (KP), the Austin-based band creates a highly innovative and richly enticing sound, featuring a command of R&B, funk, jazz, and hip-hop. Their high-energy live performances are infectiously danceable and inspire even good children to shake their moneymakers.

Music has been an essential part of KP’s life since she was a child, when she played lead roles in musical theater productions. She attended a performing arts school as a teenager, but it wasn’t until she was backpacking around India in 2006-07 that she realized music was her true calling. Rediscovering her voice, she played at open mic gigs in Guatemala and followed her creative spark to Austin, eventually hooking up with fellow passionate music freaks who could match her diversity in taste and depth of spirit.

The title of The Brave, out in the fall of 2016, comes from the dreamy Stevie-and-Sly-meets-Prince-like anthem at its center. KP’s experience in music inspired her to write a song about chasing your dreams and holistically evolving from enforced social and family expectations. Another gorgeous masterpiece (of many) on the full-length is the devastatingly tender “Breathe In.” “It’s about one of our close friends who, at the age of 32, was diagnosed with advanced-stage lung cancer,” KP says. “My husband and I were helping with her care, and I wanted to write about what she was going through and the heartbreak we were feeling. It was very shocking for our whole community because she was young, a great musician and so full of life. She sadly passed away last year. I actually sang her the song when I first wrote it to get it approved; we talked about music all the time.” The aching beauty of knowing and losing one so loved is sensitively captured in the sonorous vocals and healing groove of this ballad.

After being heralded as a Band to Watch by Austin Fusion Magazine and The Horn, Austin City Limits Festival selected KP and the Boom Boom for an Official ACL Late Night Show in 2015. Shortly thereafter, they were chosen to support Snoop Dogg at ACL Live Moody Theater and were selected as a SXSW 2016 Official Showcasing Artist. They continue to stir up a buzz with a multitude of energetic performances leading up to their highly anticipated debut full-length album, The Brave, to warm up the coming autumn.

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